Monday, May 24, 2010

What happened to my FUN?

Somewhere in the mix of ministry and family... I have lost it. Things have gotten too serious around here. I have been very preoccupied with all of the "blah" going on and the "drama" and the junk that I believe my friends I have forgotten what "fun" looks like. I've been too sad, too mad, too tired, too busy, too determined, too goal oriented to enjoy some of this ride we call life.

When BK and I talk about the "logistics" of our family... like shopping, cleaning, planning, kids school, budgets, car maintenance, etc.etc. we refer to it as "Family business." I can tell when we talk too much "business" because it's hard to laugh and joke when your talking about family business. It's the serious stuff that keeps a family rolling. Communicating about your needs, communicating about the kids communicating about the day and the plan and the stuff....ahhhhhh! It can overwork our brains!

So I am declaring this a time where I am going to dump the "business" (here and there) and think about how to "kick up" the FUN quotient in my life. Little ways I can have fun. Please dont misunderstand. I love my family, I love planning things for my family, I love taking care of family business becuase my family means so much to me. But for us, we can get very caught up in the family business so much that we have forgotten the fun. The things that once were "fun" become routine and the things that routine become boring... hence us needing fun.

I was reading on facebook that Boyz II Men were coming to a place in Minnesota to perform. I was reminded of a song called Motown Philly from my past. I LOVE THESE GUYS. They are up there with MC Hammer and Kirk Franklin's Stomp and TLC and some other oldies I used to listen to when my bangs looked like huge croissants and my eyeliner was royal blue to match my 10 speed Schwinn roadbike. :)

We are taking this vacation to Iowa. I am determined to have fun if it kills me. I am going to play jokes on kids and husband, I am going to be silly, I am going to be carefree and relax... I might even just wear the same outfit two days in a row and buy myself some royal blue eyeliner and wear it in public (my bangs are too short to tease them into crossiants... . Who knows. But I think it's time for this Mama to kick it up a notch and have some fun with my life and those around me.

Focusing on my junk takes the "fun" out of life. Focusing on the problems takes my focus off of God. I do not expect to "feel" good all the time. But I can move to a new place of fun and excitement for my life because God's plan is fun and exciting. Not boring mundane and I believe... not always serious.

For those of you who are able to keep your fun quotient going among the family business please advise. I would love to hear some stories about things you do in your families that are fun. Small things, big things, whatever. It may inspire me and I'm looking for some inspiration.

Thanks for listening. Enjoy my Boyzzzzzzzz!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Way too long...

It' been way too long since I last blogged. So I dedicating 20 minutes of my day today to update ya'll on the happenings here in Durango.

Family life is still adjusting. Adjusting to baby girl who is now 10 MONTHS OLD! Amazing. Adjusting to new home and just adjusting to being a family of five. Big kids keep getting bigger (there is no stopping them) :) And as they get bigger we will be taking them to more things. They want playdates, they are involved in sports and activities etc.etc. They like to be challenged and be outside.... so we are also adjusting to all of that. We are excited because we are taking a family trip to Iowa the first week in June to see family and friends in the midwest. Pray for us. It is an 18 hour trip. But we are excited. Billy is adjusting with his diabetes numbers. I am trying to educate myself more on what he is going through, I fear I have no clue because it is a tough thing to manage. He is daily trying to manage his blood sugar levels and really it's a hard thing to do when they can fluctuate based on so many little things. I am praying for him... praying we all adjust as God remains faithful to keep us healthy.

Ministry is amazing. We are "relaunching" the ministry on August 22nd. Lots to do and not a lot of time to get it done. I have an amazing team. I am excited to see how the new ministry is going to be received by kids and families. Fun stuff.

Grace turned 8 years old yesterday. I cannot believe how old she is! She is an amazing little girl. She had fun time celebrating her birthday with her friend Clara from school. Clara is moving to a new school next year so Grace wanted to make a memory with her before she left. She has a huge kind heart. She is always thinking of others. I am such a proud Mama of my baby girl.

Toby joined T-Ball with his buddies Katrina and Kale. HE LOVES IT! He has the gift of encouragement because as kids run to first base... he is telling them what a great hit they just made and pointsthem to 2nd base as they run. He likes to talk about his shadow as he has kids stand on 1st base and he asks them things like... what school do you go to? And.... I am 6 years old!

Josie is 10 months old. In 2 months she will be a year old! It amazes me how fast th first year passes. She is walking around grabbing onto the coffee tables, pulling herself up on everything and putting every crumb and whatever in her mouth. She laughs a lot and we swear she calls Billy Dah Dah... She is a go getter and will let you know when you have done something to upset her. She is spunky.

So I am sharing some pics... some new... some old of the kiddos. We will have lots more when we travel in 2 weeks. So I'll try to get some more out there.

I pray all my friends who read this are doing well. God bless you. :)