Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lose my soul?

I think people scratch their head at my faith. I had a friend ask me the other day... have you always been this "religious?" It is hard for me because to me "religious" has this kind of negative connotation. And everything I am learning building and experiencing in my faith is about my heart and my life and my God.

It is easy to comprehend that someone wants to strengthen their physical muscles, or going to therapy to get emotionally stronger... but what about your spiritual health? All I am doing is pursuing what I believe to be the truth. I have believed in Jesus my whole life, what does that mean? What is that about? It's awesome that I believe in Jesus, but when I get to heaven at the end of this life, have I pursued my spiritual relationship with him? Will I know him before I get there? That's what I'm doing. Getting to know the one who created me before I meet him in heaven. Allowing him into my life and heart and pursuiing all he had planned for this life. Doing good things. Loving people, being imperfect and seeking God in it all.

I found this song today and I really like it. Thought I'd share it with my blog friends. Peace to all of you today.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Way too fast...

Our family took a trip to the rec Center on Saturday and we had a blast. We haven't done a fun "family" thing in a while since our trip to Telluride, but it was much needed. I find that when my kids are fighting, nagging, needy and whining constantly, I try to think back to the last time I had some real quality time with them. Fun times. Fun things we were able to do together. Time when I can look them in the eye and tell them how much they mean to me. Being busy is totally a great way the enemy just slips into my life and disturbs this family's peace. This Saturday was great. Billy and I did not "feel" like going to the Rec Center, but it was a necessity. It was totally worth it. We took Toby down the slide and took Grace on the lazy river. We taught Grace some swimming techniques as she is still learning. We hugged, laughed and played. We even had a nice ten minute break in the hot tub... which is Mommy's favorite part. :)

We also took Grace over to the climbing wall. This was a big day for her. She has checked out this wall since we moved here 3 years ago. She has always wanted to climb it and for the last three years we had to tell her she was not big enough. But today she was big enough (sigh). It was bitter sweet. My baby girl is growing up and by UP I mean tall. She's becoming one of the coolest chicks I know. Her heart is soft and loving, she loves to learn and read, she understands God's love at a very young age, loves to sing worship songs and is good to her brother (most of the time). Grace's birth was when I first began to understand the love of God. It was the first time I felt God telling me in the quiet of my heart that he loved me so much he gave me this terrific gift of a baby. The day she was born I felt two things... unbelievable love and at the same time I wondered... was I worthy of such an amazing cool thing. God spoke to my heart telling me I was worthy of it and he trusted me with this awesome little girl. I know he has big plans for my little girl and I can't wait for her to walk in them. My prayer is that she be excited and look forward to what God has for her every day. As I watched her climb this Saturday, grabbing for each new gripping point, I was proud. I was proud she was brave to take each step, I was proud that she kept going and I was proud that she stopped when it felt "too scary." Know your limits my sweet beautiful girl, but keep climbing. Keep climbing.