Friday, August 22, 2008

Pray Mama Pray!

I am amazed by my children and what I learn from them. When we were in New Mexico visiting my Mom and family. We brought along our portable DVD player. Anyone who has small children and takes very long car rides understands the importance and goodness of these little units! We don't allow the kids to watch the DVD player the entire time, but we do use it at the very end of the drive when they are reaching a point of no return. The first night we were in New Mexico I put the DVD player on the nightstand next to the bed. I had to charge the battery overnight. Grace wanted some water before she fell asleep so I brought her a glass of water. Somehow in the middle of the night, I must have knocked the water with my hand because when I woke up the next morning the DVD player was soaked along with some towels and clothes I had sitting next to the nighstand. Everything was drenched. My first thought was... where I am going to get the money to buy a new DVD player? This is vital! My daughter's first thought as I told her what happened was.... "PRAY!" Quick Mom! "PRAY!". I laughed at her wisdom and my panic and told her to put her hands on the DVD player so we could quickly pray for it. We asked Jesus to fix it as he knew we needed it for trips. After about an hour or so I went back to the DVD player and put a DVD in it... it works... no problems... no defects. I am so proud of Grace and her knowledge of God's understanding of our specific needs. She is at the beginning of this understanding but she is teaching me lots. Cool stuff. Very cool stuff.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

To be: Content

This is my first blog so I am super excited. Lately I have been focused on something that is out of my comfort zone. I am not too familiar with it. I am not even sure I know what it looks like. By nature I like new things, I like adventure, I like spontaneous events, I think I even like an unexpected rainstorm because of it throws me for a loop. Bill and I have been on an adventure since we moved here. It has been a God planned adventure which makes it all that much better! In a walk of faith and obedience we moved to Durango, as we prayed and sought God in all of it, he escorted us to this beautiful place. We moved into a little cabin-like home and are currently renting it from my Dad. We live in a beautiful location, we have family of deer that are our neighbors we have amazing views of the Animas Mountains we have grass to mow (Billy's favorite part ;-) We are close to town. We wanted to buy a house but the market is way too expensive here in Durango. Our dream is to someday own our own home. But my prayer to God lately has been, Lord... show me what "content" looks like. Show me what it means to love everything you have provided to me in this place and in this time. By faith I came to Durango, by faith I will be content no matter where I live or what I have. As I seek God on this subject, I don't think content means boring either. I think content means being appreciative and peaceful about the "things" you have. Not always wanting more or different but being ok with what is in this moment right now. I think God puts things on our heart to stir us and make us act and move. Even in my adventurous thoughts and desires for spontaneous cool things, I can be content. I will be content when I know the things I desire are pleasing to what God has for this family. So when I find my house, I will be content, when I live in this house, I will be content, I will be content because I am so glad to know that in it all, I am being cared for specifically by God and his plan for me and my family.

P.S. Bill is much better at being content than I am... he trusts we are just where we need to be and waits on God's gentle urging. He recognizes God's open door and then when it is time, he steps through. I think maybe I need to study my husband a bit on this one. While he waits on God, sometimes I am buying the wood, nails and getting tools to build the door I am about to walk through... :-) sigh...